Union State Bank Online Banking

Mobile Banking

ACCOUNTS: Click the ICON and see your accounts with balances, transactions, pending transactions, online transactions, checks and other items posted to your account.

TRANSFERS: Make a transfer between your accounts, view transfer history.

BILL PAY: You can send a payment to any US address.

MY CARDS: You can turn on/off your VISA Check card. (Reduces the chance of your check card becoming compromised.)

Photograph of a mobile phone with Union State Bank mobile application.
Download Union State Bank's Mobile application for iPhone and Apple products    

SETTINGS: You can change your account list order, show number of transactions displayed, auto login, disable PIN login, etc.

SHARE US: There are ICONS to share USB via email, on Facebook and Twitter.

LOCATE US: Click this ICON, a google map pops up with a map of our locations.

CONTACT US: Click this ICON and a group of ICONS will pop up to contact us. You can call the bank, open our website, call the Voice Banking number and send an email to the Bank.

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