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Call Toll Free anytime day or night to retrieve balance information.


Our Visa® Platinum Preferred and Visa® Classic credit cards are designed to help you manage your account sensibly. They offer:

  • A low variable rate
  • No annual fee
  • Free online account information
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Cash advance at thousands of ATMs
  • Auto rental insurance
  • Automatic payment option
  • Travel accident insurance coverage
  • Prompt, expert service you’ve come to expect from your community bank


Consumer credit card application:


VISA® Business Credit Card

Controlled Spending Manage your company’s cash flow conveniently and efficiently with a VISA® Business Card

Business card application:

Please sign-up for e-statements, by doing one of the following:

  •   In person at one of our locations (please see addresses at right)
  •   By email to:
  •   Calling 785-632-3122




Please fill out our convenient online form to reorder in-house checks from Union State Bank.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

    Singles or Duplicates

    Mail or Pickup*

    Check Color*

    (Approximate shipping charges are $3.00 per box of singles and $5.00 per box of doubles.

    Pickup Location


    If you lose or misplace your VISA Credit Card, CALL 785-632-3122 IMMEDIATELY. INSTRUCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS NUMBER 24 HOURS EVERY DAY.

    How to Protect Your Card

    •   Never give your credit card account number to anyone unless you are absolutely certain they are authorized to have it.
    •   Never leave your cards unattended at work or in public places such as restaurants.
    •   Don’t leave your credit cards in your vehicle.
    •   Always check your card when returned to you after a purchase.
    •   Sign the back of a new card as soon you get it. Destroy unwanted cards so no one else can use them.
    •   Make a list of all your cards and their numbers. This key information is helpful when reporting lost or stolen cards.
    • Always check your monthly statement. Make sure the charges are yours. Report them to your card company if the entry is not yours.
    •   Never give your card number over the phone unless you are dealing with a reputable company. The only time you should give it is when you have called to place an order.
    •   Never place an order online unless you navigate to the page. Also make sure the site is secure by noting the URL which will begin with https:// or there is a lock on the page indicating it is a secure place to enter your credit card number.

    Our Locations


    Clay Center:

    Main Bank:
    701 Fifth Street
    P.O. Box 518
    Clay Center, Kansas 67432

    9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily
    9:00 am to 5:30 pm Thursdays
    Closed Saturday and all Federal Holidays

    Motor Bank:
    508 Dexter Street

    7:30 am to 5:30 pm daily
    8:00 am to noon Saturday
    Closed all Federal Holidays


    104 E. 2nd St.
    PO Box 90
    Palmer, KS 66962

    9:00am -3:00pm daily
    9:00am-12:00pm Saturdays
    Closed all Federal Holidays


    11 S Center St.
    PO Box 248
    Barnes, KS 66933

    9:00am -3:00pm daily
    9:00am-12:00pm Saturdays
    Closed all Federal Holidays